9 minutes | Apr 18, 2021

Go Follow

Go Follow By Scott Carter, Mission Pastor I have a question for you...if God was to call you to leave what you are doing and where you are, are you ready to follow Him? As a young single adult of about 22 years of age, the Lord used a series of events in my life at work and church to disrupt the pattern and direction of my life. I was a fresh college grad working in banking in Nashville, TN and very active in my home church there. The Lord led me to go on a mission trip to Scotland. During the preparation for this trip and the trip itself, the Lord affirmed in me my spiritual gifts and used the trip to turn my life as I knew it, upside down. Over the course of the subsequent weeks and months, I knew I was not going to be where I was, doing what I was doing, for long. Through this very intense period of prayer, Scripture, and seeking godly wisdom from other believers, the Lord called me to leave where I was and follow His call on my life. God used Genesis 12:1-3 to guide me to missions. I am no Abram, and the Lord was not establishing a covenant people through my family lineage. However, the Lord used these verses to lead me to follow him in faith to a foreign land, for the sake of the gospel.
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