31 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

Neal Keating Says Workforce Key to Rebuilding Connecticut

BizCast host Shannon King talks to Kaman Corporation former president and CEO Neal Keating. Keating discusses his 13-year career at Kaman, the highlight of his career and the biggest challenge he’s faced, and what he hopes the future of Connecticut looks like. Ask your public officials and candidates if they’ve signed the Rebuilding Connecticut pledge: https://www.cbia.com/alert/did-your-local-officials-and-candidates-sign-the-rebuilding-connecticut-pledge/ Sign the Rebuilding Connecticut pledge yourself: bit.ly/RebuildingCT For additional information about the pandemic, including guidance for protecting workplace health and safety, business continuity and planning, risk mitigation, labor and employment law compliance, and more, visit CBIA's coronavirus resource center: www.cbia.com/resource/category/coronavirus/. Please rate, review, and subscribe to the BizCast wherever you get your podcasts—we appreciate your support! If you have a story to tell, contact shannon.king@cbia.com.