45 minutes | Dec 20th 2020

The Message of Christmas in Our Current Culture - CHSS 74

What is the meaning of Christmas? In this episode, we discuss the meaning of Christmas in these rather challenging times.   The world in 2020 has seen numerous challenges to say the least. Living in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, many are asking themselves: What is the promise of Christmas? Some are even tempted to ask: Is Christmas merely a distraction from the gravity of the situation?   In this episode, we discuss the original challenges facing Judaism at the time of Jesus’ birth. We note among other things, that first-century Judaism was beset by religious rivalries, differences of view concerning politics and religion and the phenomena of sectarianism and political revolutionaries and the overarching dominance of the Roman Empire. Within those challenges, Jesus was born to bring salvation to humanity.   The purpose of Christmas is first and foremost soteriological. That is, Jesus came in order to affect the salvation of the world. Proclaiming this message to the world has been the central mission of the Church since its inception.   Although the Church has largely viewed its mission in terms of the salvation of souls, definite challenges to this perspective have arisen in recent decades. Various critics from within the walls of Christianity and outside have claimed that the insistence on salvation has only served as a ploy to distract others from the Church’s true mission to bring utopia on earth. These criticisms seek to undo the longstanding Catholic view of Christmas and its bearing on the salvation of humanity.   Join us this week as we discuss what spiritual lessons we can learn from the message of Christmas.   To comment on this show or to provide feedback, please navigate to https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/episode74 The Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show is devoted to helping Catholic Christians better understand the history, teachings and culture of their Catholic faith so that they can better love and serve Christ, the Church and their neighbors. Newsletter Sign-up for the Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show Stay in touch with us! Join our newsletter: https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/podcastnewsletter/ iTunes (click iTunes > Ratings and Reviews > Write a Review)
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