46 minutes | Dec 6th 2020

Insights from Monasticism for Lay Catholic Spirituality - CHSS 72

What can monasticism teach lay Catholics about the spiritual life? In this episode we explore the insights that married and single Catholics can glean from the institution of monasticism.


Monasticism was a form of Christian living that emerged in the third century. After Anthony of Egypt decided to live in the desert in communion with God, men and women began to do likewise by living solitary and in some cases communal lives in the spiritual pursuit of holiness.


In this episode, we talk about the advantages that a monastic context provided men and women down through the centuries. Among other things, monasticism provide people the opportunity to have contact with nature. Living in a rural context gave people the chance to more easily contemplate their place and purpose in the world and their relationship with God.


Monasticism also afforded people a chance for silence. Set in nature, monasticism gave people the chance to be away from the noise of the city and the chance to more easily hear God’s quiet voice.


These are just some of the benefits afforded to people from the monastic context. In light of these benefits, we talk about what lay people can learn from the history of monastic institutions for their own daily spiritual practices. We discuss how lay Catholic can integrate such practices as silence, experience God in nature and other related questions.


Join us this week as we discuss how the features of monasticism can positively benefit the spiritual lives of lay Catholics.


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