36 minutes | Apr 11th 2021

How Did Christianity Change the Roman Empire? - CHSS 90

The question is often asked: How did Christianity change the Roman world? And, in what ways was the Roman world different after the advent of the Christian faith?   In this episode, we discussed the various ways from ethics to law that Christianity impacted the lives of people across the Roman Empire. We note that in many respects, the Roman Empire, despite its great cultural achievements, also posed many limitations on the lives of many people, especially those on the margins of society.   In a time where there is much misinformation spreading about Christian history, it is important for every Catholic Christian to know the history of their Church and the impact their religion had on the existing cultures.   These little-known of facts of early Church history will help inspire confidence in the accomplishments Christians have achieved on behalf of all peoples. Join us this week as we discuss the positive impact of the Church on Western civilization.   https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/episode90/ https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/Ways-Christianity-Changed-World/ The Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show is devoted to helping Catholic Christians better understand the history, teachings and culture of their Catholic faith so that they can better love and serve Christ, the Church and their neighbors. Newsletter Sign-up for the Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show Stay in touch with us! Join our newsletter: https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/podcastnewsletter/ iTunes (click iTunes > Ratings and Reviews > Write a Review)  
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