53 minutes | Dec 27th 2020

Challenges to the Gospel in Contemporary Culture - CHSS 75

Last week we discussed the challenges to the message of Christmas, which is the message of God’s intervention into history to save humanity through the Paschal mystery of Jesus.   In this episode we discuss the various cultural challenges to the announcement of this good news, more formally referred to as the “Gospel.” Among other things, we discuss how the contemporary cultures undermine in various ways the proclamation of this message from relativism to materialism.     These various philosophical and cultural ideologies in one way or another challenge the necessity of either believing in God or conforming one’s moral life to the teachings of Jesus. Rather than emphasizing the centrality of God in human life, these ideologies set in their place a whole range of alternative priorities from self-fulfillment to the creation of an earthly utopia.   In light of these idelogies, Catholics are faced with a large array of questions: Is the message of Jesus true? What difference does Jesus make to human life? Why should one conform one’s life to the moral teachings of Jesus?   In light of the significance of these questions, it is important for Catholics to be fully aware of these cultural challenges and their impact on the ways Catholics and many others are encouraged to see the world. When aware of these cultural challenges, Catholics can better assess their influence and respond accordingly.   Join us this week as we discuss what spiritual lessons we can learn from identifying and responding to some of the major challenges to the proclamation of the Gospel.   To comment on this show or to provide feedback, please navigate to https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/episode75 The Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show is devoted to helping Catholic Christians better understand the history, teachings and culture of their Catholic faith so that they can better love and serve Christ, the Church and their neighbors. Newsletter Sign-up for the Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show Stay in touch with us! Join our newsletter: https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/podcastnewsletter/ iTunes (click iTunes > Ratings and Reviews > Write a Review)  
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