40 minutes | Mar 28th 2021

Augustine on the Meaning of the Cross - CHSS 88

Every year near the end of Lent, Catholic Christians celebrate Holy Week. The Church invites the members of Christ’s body to reflect on the deeper theological meaning of this period in the liturgical calendar.   The Easter season most especially invites us to think about salvation history and especially its climax in Christ’s Paschal mystery. The Paschal mystery is a special theological phrase that refers to the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   Despite the grandeur of these events, it is often easy to lose sight of Easter’s meaning and its great significance for our lives. With the busyness of life, Catholic Christians can quickly forget the purpose of this liturgical season and these sacred days in the liturgical calendar.   In this episode, we invite listeners to think more deeply about the theological meaning of Easter, namely, God’s decisive victory over sin in his Son, Jesus. To guide us in this discussion, we have chosen one of the sermons of Augustine on the passion of Christ.   Augustine invited his audience to see in the passion the hope of glory and a lesson in patience. Augustine, like his contemporaries Hilary and Ambrose, viewed the Christian life as a journey.   In this respect, the passion of Christ was not only a promise of God’s fidelity but also an encouragement to Christians to continue in their daily striving toward the kingdom of God.   Join us this week as we discuss Augustine’s reflections on the meaning of the cross for the Christian’s spiritual journey.   https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/episode88/ https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/Augustine-Meaning-Cross/ The Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show is devoted to helping Catholic Christians better understand the history, teachings and culture of their Catholic faith so that they can better love and serve Christ, the Church and their neighbors. Newsletter Sign-up for the Catholic Heritage Spirituality Show Stay in touch with us! Join our newsletter: https://catholicheritagespirituality.com/podcastnewsletter/ iTunes (click iTunes > Ratings and Reviews > Write a Review)  
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