39 minutes | May 3, 2022

The Latin Mass & True Communion

"Why did Pope Francis restrict the Traditional Latin Mass with his motu proprio letter, Traditionis custodes?" It's a disheartening topic for a lot of Catholics, but we are called nonetheless to obedience, deference, and greater communion. We also talk about that communion, and the usual smattering of

🕒 In this Video: 0:00 - Doubting Thomas & St. Francis On the Hill 5:00 - First Question: What Does the Church Mean by "Communion of Saints?" 13:03 - 2nd Question: Why did Pope Francis restrict the Traditional Latin Mass? 34:49 - Beans of the Week

The TLM a controversial topic for a lot of Catholics, so we try to parse through the Pope's statement, some of the reactions, why people feel the way they do, and how we can grow in holiness in regards to the Latin Mass.

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