31 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

All Things Purgatory

We've had a bunch of questions about purgatory, so here's the lot of them: What happens to those souls that end up in purgatory? Can souls in purgatory pray for themselves to ask forgiveness? Can souls remain in purgatory forever? Beans of the Week: Angels & Supernatural: https://bit.ly/3l9sisH Event Brite: https://bit.ly/3uDDOjj Have a question or want to say hi? askapriest@goodcatholic.com Or send us a voice message: https://www.speakpipe.com/catholiccoffeetalk Learn more about us: https://bit.ly/3rMqLKI Craving good coffee? Next time, join our conversation with a steaming cup of Catholic Coffee: https://bit.ly/2WMt7Ou
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