87 minutes | Aug 26, 2019

Episode 3: Talking to the boss! How do travel companies operate, really.

This week I sit down with Rebecca Jones, President and CEO of Sharp Medical Staffing. While they are a medical staffing company, they offer a lot more than that. So much so they dont refer to themselves as a staffing company. Rebecca is really taking a different approach to medical staffing. Its her goal to go further than just providing warm bodies when you need them, even though she can do that too. She is more interested in helping solve your staffing problem rather than putting a band aid on it. They offer preceptors, managers, specialized staff as well as a host of other services. As much as the above sounds like a commercial for Sharp, they really are different. So What does all of this mean to you? We get a lesson on what the travel industry is as of now as well as what Rebecca is doing different. I can personally attest to not really understanding the behind the scenes working of what travel companies do. I learned a lot from Rebecca in this interview and I became a fan of her vision a long the way. If your interested in joining her on her mission to do things different and maybe try a different travel company. Please visit them at www.sharpmedicalstaffing.com and please let them know you heard about them on the podcast! Thanks
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