38 minutes | May 13th 2019

Interview with Beth Mynatt Part 1

In this episode Khari Douglas interviews Dr. Beth Mynatt, the Executive Director of Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), a College of Computing Distinguished Professor, and the Director of the Everyday Computing Lab. Dr. Mynatt discusses her research into human computer interaction and her work at IPaT and the GVU center. Timestamps to jump to certain topics below: Start of interview with Beth Mynatt - (01:10) Transforming graphical user interfaces into auditory interfaces - (02:03) Time spent at Xerox Parc - (08:55) Getting into teaching - (12:09) Research administration and the interaction between computer science and the social sciences - (15:01) Socio-technical interventions for health disparity reduction - (20:59) Funding for long-term, healthcare-related studies - (27:24) Beth's dream research center - (30:30) Content generation for workforce development - (32:24) Outro - (36:47)
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