42 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

Global Security and Graph Analytics with Nadya Bliss (Part 2)

Khari Douglas interviews Dr. Nadya Bliss, the Executive Director of Arizona State's Global Security Initiative. Before joining ASU in 2012, Bliss spent 10 years at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, most recently as a founding group leader of the Computing and Analytics Group. In this episode, she discusses the work of Arizona State University's Global Security Initiative, how to combat the spread of misinformation and the impact of sustainability on security. Timestamps to jump to certain topics below: Intro - (00:00) Nadya’s Academic Background - (01:06) Vice President for Research Strategy at ASU - (05:07) ASU’s Global Security Initiative - (13:13) Combating Minformation - (18:45) National Security and Sustainability - (34:02) Outro - (40:46)
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