31 minutes | Jun 6th 2019

Federal Funding for Science with Peter Harsha

In this episode Khari Douglas sits down with Peter Harsha, the Director of Government Affairs for the Computing Research Association (CRA), to discuss the federal funding landscape and it's impact on science research. He also highlights the CCC's Leadership in Science Policy Institute (LiSPI) and walks through the National Research Council's (part of the National Academies) Tire Tracks Chart of the IT ecosystem. Timestamps to jump to certain topics: Intro(00:10) Peter’s Background and Working Capitol Hill (01:14) How a Bill Gets Passed (07:58) How Funding Agencies Prioritize(10:35) CRA’s LISPI and Congressional Fly-in Programs (17:59) Tire Tracks Diagram of IT Economy (22:28) Outro (29:44)
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