119 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Community Engagement, Health Disparities, and Measure Development with Melody Goodman | Episode 13

Ellie Murray and Lucy D'Agostino McGowan discuss community engagement, health disparities, and measure development with Dr. Melody Goodman from New York University Global School of Public Health.

🐦 Jonathan Jackson's tweet on the importance of measures of dispersion

📄 Goodman's paper Reaching Consensus on Principles of Stakeholder Engagement in Research

📄 Goodman's paper Content validation of a quantitative stakeholder engagement measure

📄 Goodman's paper on Community Research Training Fellows Program Training Community Members in Public Health Research: Development and Implementation of a Community Participatory Research Pilot Project

📄 The Relationship between In-Person Voting, Consolidated Polling Locations, and Absentee Voting on Covid-19: Evidence from the Wisconsin Primary discussed in the peDAGogy segment

Harm reduction tips for protests

Harm reduction tips for faith-based communities

General harm reduction tips

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