15 minutes | Feb 13, 2021

Barbara Howe, author of the new fantasy THE WORDSMITH

Tonight we’re chatting with Barbara Howe, author of The Wordsmith, which releases worldwide on February 15, 2021 from IFWG.
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THE WORDSMITH by Barbara Howe
Irene van Gelder’s drudge job is killing her, but how can she earn a living as an air witch when her own guild calls her a fraud?
The Fire Warlock doesn’t ask for her credentials, but with tensions rising between the Fire and Air Guilds, proving her value to him is not a safe move. With the White Duchess and her son intent on revenge, what defenses can a failure as an air witch muster? All she has is words. Will that be enough to save herself, and Frankland?
For more, see https://ifwgaustralia.com/title-the-wordsmith/.
About Barbara Howe:
Her bio:
Barbara Howe lives on the third rock from the sun, while her imagination travels the universe and beyond.
Born in the US , she spent most of her adult life in New Jersey, working in the software industry, on projects ranging from low-level kernel ports to multi-million-dollar financial applications. She moved to New Zealand in 2009, gained dual citizenship, and now works as a software developer in the movie industry. She lives in Wellington, in a house overflowing with books and jigsaw puzzles, and wishes she had more time to spend universe hopping.
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