30 minutes | Jan 31st 2021

Castle Talk: Venero Armanno, author of The Crying Forest

Tonight we’re chatting with Venero Armanno, author of the new book The Crying Forest, brand new from IFWG.The publishers at IFWG would like you to know that if you would like to enter a drawing for a free print (or mobi/epub) copy tonight’s book, all you need to do is subscribe to the IFWG newsletter and fill out details for the drawing – just go to ifwgaustralia.com/treasures. Agata Rosso, a once-mighty yet now prematurely aged European witch, believes that the special gifts in a young girl named Lía Munro can restore youth and vitality both to herself and her bedridden husband. She sets a deadly plan in motion to capture and use Lía—but will the girl have enough power to protect herself, plus the father she loves so much?Armano was born in Brisbane to Sicilian migrant parents. He is the author of two books of short stories and nine critically acclaimed novels.His book Firehead was shortlisted in the 1999 Queensland Premiers Literary Award for Best Novel of the Year and The Volcano won that award in 2002. The Volcano was also shortlisted for the Courier Mail Best Book of the Year. Also a trained screenwriter, Veny teaches creative writing at University of Queensland.
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