29 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

Drones for Construction: The Basics & Benefits You Need to Know

Series Guest Speaker: Dr. Joseph M. Burgett, PhD, Associate Professor at Clemson University; Teaches the 5 Week Drone Course for Contractors and Surveyors  BuilderCast Host and Producer: Sharon Walters, Director of Digital OperationsBuilderCast Series Co-Host: Bill Stricker, Director Utility Division & NCCER AdministrationDrones have been used commercially since 2016, when the FAA introduced Part 107 Federal Regulatory guidelines. Since then, the industry and use cases for drones in construction has grown significantly. Drones are far more than just a cool technology for our industry techies to play around with, they offer relatively low cost, and high yield, practical applications that accomplish tasks such as record keeping, marketing material, jobsite security. They additionally make it possible to keep our workforce out of high risk areas and can provide a company competitive advantages in producing models through photogrammetry and mapping.In this first episode of the series, we asked our friend Dr. Joe Burgett from Clemson University to give us information on the basics of why, how, when and how much to get started with Drones. Joe teaches a 5 Week Drone Course for Contractors and Surveyors and has a background as a licensed General Contractor.“Drones are a surprisingly simple tool for contractors to improve communication, provide a better product to their clients and increase the bottom line.” --Dr. Joe Burgett, Clemson UniversityWe enjoyed learning about the equipment, including types and costs, the steps to obtaining a license, training opportunities, the practical applications of drones as a flying camera for recording progression of work, providing internal marketing material and client quality control and transparency and even security of the jobsite. In the next episodes, we'll find out more about advanced uses including Photogrammetry, overlay of images and mapping and LIDAR. Find out more about Clemson's Drone Education Program at www.clemsondrone.com.View all episodes of this series and others."Under Pressure" partial intro downloaded from iTunes.Music Licensed through AudioJungle.
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