44 minutes | Oct 2nd 2016

Season 1 Finale- Our plans, our careers

David just got married, so it’s been slow on the “boosting career” front. He talks about his book Ember Data in the Wild, how he wrote it, and how he’ll improve and market it in the next few months. Erik has been doing more youtube instead of blogging- he’s found that video is easier for him. He talks a bit about youtube collaborations and the economics of youtube. He’s also pulling back a bit in order to focus on finishing his MBA- including less blogging/youtubing, and turning down some book deals on Aurelia. Jeffrey has been creating EmberSchool.com- which just launched! It’s a way to get up to speed on Ember quickly, at your own pace, for 20% of the cost of a live training. It’s both for people who are wanting to switch to Ember to improve their career, and for corporations who want to hire someone more junior or who doesn’t know Ember yet, but their senior developers aren’t able to take time out to train the newcomer. He talks about the philosophy behind EmberSchool- why he included certain exercises, why it uses Firebase as a backend and hand-rolled authentication, what he wants office hours to accomplish, and the pitfalls of teaching while experienced (spoilers: you forget what absolute beginners don’t know). He also talks about his schedule when creating EmberSchool, how he plans on marketing it, how EmberSchool changes the relative ROI of various activities (EmberScreencasts, conference talks, etc.), and the various market segments that EmberSchool is targeting. See you guys in January! @ErikCH @skaterdav85 @jeffreybiles
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