39 minutes | May 16, 2019

Taking a Brave Leap with Luke Tonge- CR58

Figuring out whether to turn your side project into your full-time day job is rarely easy. Agency designer turned freelance creative & festival organizer Luke Tonge explains how to tell when it’s time to devote yourself more fully to your side gig. We’ll talk about how you can tell when to move on from your current day job, the importance of reminding yourself of your “why,” and why stepping out of your comfort zone can be so powerful. I’ll also share 5 questions you could ask yourself to clarify if and when the right time is to turn your side hustle into something more. Key Career Insights Once you squeeze as much as you can from your current experience, you owe it to yourself to move onto the next challenge. Divorcing work from the meaning behind the work is not easy. You have to consider what legacy you’re leaving. How you treat people really matters. They’ll remember how you made them feel. Your potential partners, clients, and advisors will likely be former colleagues or professional contacts. Investing in yourself and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can open up opportunities doing those exact activities that you initially shied away from. Tweetables to Share Ambition drives you to achieve what you didn't think was possible. Luke Tonge Tweet This Relevant Resources Meet Luke Tonge: the man behind Birmingham Design Festival– Moo feature 7 Signs Your Side Hustle Could Turn Into Your Full-Time Job– Forbes In deciding whether to leave your full time job to pursue your side hustle, I suggested considering these 5 questions: Family– Is this a reasonably good time to do this considering my family situation? Viability– Can I see a path to profitability? Mitigation– Do I have a concrete, viable backup plan in place if things DON’T work out? Opportunity cost– Have I been saying “no” more than “yes” to side opportunities due to my capacity or any other conflicts from my day job? Finances– Do I have a reasonably solid financial cushion? Listener Challenge During this episode’s Mental Fuel segment, my challenge to listeners was to sit down and capture exactly what the conditions in your life need to look like in order for you to feel comfortable taking the career leap you’re considering. Whether you choose to focus on the 5 questions above or not, try to clearly define for yourself what it would take, and what you would need to believe, for you to feel comfortable making your big move. About Luke Tonge Luke Tonge began his career as a Creative for various agencies in the UK, but eventually branched off on his own to build his own portfolio career. He now describes himself as a Birmingham-based, shorts-wearing, type-loving, freelance graphic designer at large. He devotes his time toward art-directing magazines, lecturing at the Birmingham City University, and organising events including Glug Birmingham and the Birmingham Design Festival (2nd annual festival held June 6-8, 2019). You can follow Luke on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram Did You Enjoy This Episode? Please Let Us Know! Tweet: If you enjoyed this episode and have a few seconds to spare, Tweet to let me and Luke know! Tweet a thank you! Review: I’d also love for you to leave a positive review and rating for the podcast on Apple Podcasts, which helps my show reach more people who want to relaunch their careers. Subscribe: Be sure to subscribe to Career Relaunch podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Android so you can automatically get each new episode on your device. Full instructions. Stay in touch: Follow Career Relaunch on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also follow host Joseph on Twitter and Facebook. Comments, Suggestions, or Questions? If you have any lingering thoughts, questions, or topics you would like covered on future episodes, record a voicemail for me right here. I LOVE hearing from listeners! Leave Joseph a Voicemail You can also leave a comment below. Thanks! Thanks to A2 for Supporting Career Relaunch A2 Hosting is the web host provider I use and trust for my own websites, and they even offer 100% carbon neutral green hosting. For an easy, fast, and affordable way to get your personal website online today, visit careerrelaunch.net/a2 to get 50% off your web hosting plan.
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