31 minutes | Jul 31, 2019

CA 001: Not Knowing. How 3 Questions Can Change Your Life with Mike Kim

Presenting Sponsor of the Career Adventure Podcast*The Motivators Assessment* Learn more about what really motivates you at  www.whatmotivates.me What motivates me? Problem Solving, Learning, Developing Others, Pressure, Excitement, Impact, and Autonomy  ----- This was one of the most exciting interviews I have been able to do in my career.  I was introduced to the work of Mike Kim a few years back when I was looking to transition to a new path on my Career Adventure. His Brand You Podcast and a great download on career pivoting sucked me in. Now many years later I had the chance to see Mike speak at the #socialrock event in Rockford, Illinois.  Then back stage I got a chance to meet him live and in person to record this episode. Mike launched his Brand You Bootcamp (www.mikekim.com/start) at the first part of the year, and joining that and his Branding Collective group have helped my business find traction in the career development space. You will hear in this inaugural episode of the Career Adventure podcast all about how he went from wanting to be a movie theater usher to the personal branding and marketing expert he is today. GET MORE: Follow Mike on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mikekimtv/) Check out his FREE Branding Bootcamp training at www.mikekim.com/start Listen to his #1 Brand You Podcast, #172, How I Made the Leap to Become a Full Time Entrepreneur is a good one! Launch your Career Adventure at www.nateclayberg.com/graduate  Follow Nate Clayberg and Career Adventure Academy on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Follow my blog site and get extras for this episode at https://www.nateclayberg.com/blog/001 KEY QUOTES: “I truly that high school student who got decent grades, went to college did not know what he wanted to do.” “When I think about the big problem I want to solve now, it is that I want to help people live a life that's true to themselves. What I would encourage parents to do is to allow your kids to explore their interests, their curiosities.  We need to shine a bigger light not only new beginnings, but new endings are just as important. The Motivators Assessment: Learn more about what really motivates you at  www.whatmotivates.me What motivates me? Problem Solving, Learning, Developing Others, Pressure, Excitement, Impact and Autonomy EPISODE CREDITS: If you are looking for someone to do Voice Over work for you.  Intros, commercials, on-hold, etc. Reach out to my long-time broadcasting mentor Bill Jordan, www.billjordanvo.com.  Unlike Mongo, he is not a pawn in the game of life. You can’t have a good show without good music. Check out the beds that Joseph McDade has laid down for creators to use at josephmcdade.com  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/careeradventure/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/careeradventure/support
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