10 minutes | Aug 27, 2021

Minisode: Our Broken Healthcare System

In this mini-episode you'll hear directly from Corinna about her experience as an uninsured 18 year old confronted with a health challenge -- and a 44 year old with great insurance. She offers thoughts on what we need to change to create greater equity in the arena of health care. This episode invites you to think about our current systems and how they might change. You're invited to provide feedback directly to Corinna by sending an e-mail or message on social platforms (links below). 

Time Stamps: 

00:00 Introduction

02:03 Corinna's Uninsured Health Story

04:40 Planned Parenthood, An Incredible Resource

05:15 Corinna's Insured Health Story

07:30 A Call To Act - Fixing Our Healthcare System

08:20 Invitation To Tell Your Story

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e-mail: hello@caremorebebetter.com 

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Insta: https://www.instagram.com/caremore.bebetter


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