53 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

The Ins 'n' Outs of Hollywood with Tommy Wiseau

Famed brotherly boy band Hanson is back and better than ever everybody. We talk a little bit about Tommy Wiseau's rise to ??? Fame ??? and then Henry enlightens us on how the big pictures get made. We discuss how the housing crisis even got it's clutches on the Mushroom Kingdom, do some Lite Time Traveling, and then we write a quick love letter to the Gamecube controller before wrapping up with awkward clothing choices for men in the boudoirs.  Talking Points: Hanging out in the Garden of Hanson, Tommy Wiseau's joker auditions, "Honey, We Grew A Son," Tusks significance to the modern film scene, Netflix Cuphead show, Henry's voice acting auditions, Korean animation, Aristocats is the best disney movie, Henry's big international film commission, why Mario doesn't live anywhere anymore, paperback hentai on children's sites, the magical world of editing, Henry's bad tooth doctor, suspicions surrounding the extraction of Super Monkey Ball DNA, a song for the Gamecube controller, where did all the rythmn games go, Yaoi is for the laadies, speculation about the Switch Pro, John's bi-monthly unnecessary rant about Mario Odyssey, wearing socks during sex is wrong if you are a man. 
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