16 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

Spokane Rep. Timm Ormsby chairs the House Appropriations Committee and is head budget writer for the chamber. Today we talk with Timm not about the specifics of the newly released supplemental operating budget, but about the task, or privilege, of sitting in his seat and making decisions every day that could affect millions of Washingtonians.

Today's "Capitol Ideas" is a sort of civics lesson, but more interesting than the ones you took -- or didn't take -- in high school. Chief House budget writer Rep. Timm Ormsby reflects on how a multi-billion-dollar state operating budget takes shape: the long days and even longer nights, the tough decisions, the unheralded bipartisanship and, again, more tough decisions. This is background you probably haven't heard before, and it's definitely worth 16 minutes of your time.
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