61 minutes | May 30, 2020

Episode 5 - Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles from Rosetta Roastery

In this episode of the Cape Coffee Beans podcast, you'll learn about how Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles have built a world-class coffee business. We talk at length about how they approach everything from sourcing to roasting and even staff training. They offer really valuable perspectives on how to run a high end cafe and focus on excellence in every part of the operation.You'll also learn a bit more about Rob & Jono's history and how Rosetta Roastery has evolved over the years. The goals have remained the same, but the way they interact with the market has changed.If you'd like to support Rosetta Roastery, please buy some of their coffee beans. Many consider their coffees to be among the best you'll find in South Africa, and we certainly agree!You can further support Rosetta Roastery by clicking on their affiliate link when purchasing equipment or accessories at Cape Coffee Beans.
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