52 minutes | May 9, 2020

Episode 3 - Jonathan Robinson from Bean There

In this episode, I interview Jonathan Robinson of Bean There, getting to know him, his coffee company, as well as the unique aspects of their approach. This episode focuses quite a bit on the question of sourcing, touching on topics like Fairtrade, organic certifications and the value of direct relationships with coffee producers. If you love coffee, particularly African coffee, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy this episode.If you'd like to support Bean There, and try their amazing selection of single origin African coffees, please purchase some at Cape Coffee Beans. We deliver everywhere in South Africa. Just visit Bean There's collection page at CCB!You can further support Bean There by using their CCB Affiliate link when purchasing equipment or accessories.If you enjoy the show, please do leave us a review and share this episode with your coffee-loving friends!
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