7 minutes | Sep 18th 2017

D&D Workplace Etiquette Drama!

We talk about a comical Dungeons and Dragons related posting on the Workplace StackExchange.com website. The gist is that a new employee finds D&D colleagues and subsequently dispatches them in-game while they shun him in real life. Don't be that chaotic evil dude! A new employee met people with similar interests after 4 months and started playing D&D with them. At the first session of an ongoing game, the original poster decided to kill off his party after they were severely hurt in a team battle against monsters. After the session, this person is completely shunned in real life by the entire D&D group. Commenters attempt to help the poster understand what a bad idea it was to do that and suggested that he apologize among other things. We discuss this goofy story and provide some our own D&D experiences to the conversation. The Workplace Stack Exchange posting: https://workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/84746/ive-killed-my-colleagues-characters-during-rpg-session-now-they-wont-talk-to
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