36 minutes | Sep 27, 2021

Ep 366 - How To Use Equity Crowdfunding To Launch Your Cannabis Business

While not the most traditional path, equity crowdfunding can be a great way for cannabis brands to raise capital - but only if know what you’re doing. Here to walk us through how she’s successfully crowdfunding her CBD wellness brand is co-founder and CEO of Element Apothec Davina Kaonohi.  Learn more at https://elementapothec.com  Key Takeaways: [1:05] Davina's background in e-commerce and how she came to start Element Apothec [5:49] How Davina took inspiration from her aunt's homemade tinctures to formulate Element's CBD products [7:48] Why Davina turned to equity crowdfunding and how she's successfully targeting investors [11:36] Equity crowdfunding vs traditional crowdfunding [13:38] How to create a killer marketing campaign through storytelling [17:54] Element's efforts to bring transparency to CBD and do away with sketchy "proprietary blends"  [24:04] Davina's goals to grow Element's product selection and expand the company over the next few years [26:02] Where Davina sees the CBD skincare space heading over the next 3-5 years
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