9 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

How To Run Facebook Holiday Ad Campaigns

Almost everyone is on Facebook, whether we like to admit that or not!  If you have a business & you have a Facebook presence, it's important to think carefully about how you run your ad campaigns leading up to the holiday season.  In this podcast we talk about some of the tricks & tips that a small business owner can utilize to ensure success while advertising on Facebook. In the second half of the podcast, we reveal an easy way to keep your customers engaged. Here are some of the links that we promised, for more info, reach out to me.. michael@distinctmedia.ca Dynamic Facebook Ads: https://bit.ly/2JAS1d4 Facebook Pixel: https://bit.ly/39wyMMX Facebook Pixel on Wordpress site: https://bit.ly/37ph0bH Setting up Facebook Shops to sell products: https://bit.ly/37pQSgL
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