64 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

Paul Farina on the Rhythm Effect: an alternative to working harder and longer (#15)

2:00 - stood out as a cricketer because of hard work.3:15 - pushing through the pain to succeed.5:01 - the answer is not working harder and longer.8:39 - how rhythm effect impacts relationships.12:05 - energy and time wasted through in-fighting.12:41 - unexpected effect of resentment.16:06 - leadership as a technical skill.19:37 - process for better meetings.20:17 - return on effort.24:46 - why is it difficult to stop working harder.26:39 - how do we get out of the busy trap?29:42 - giving better feedback.32:20 - examples of investing time instead of spending time.36:43 - feedback vs hurting someone's feelings.41:25 - example of giving feedback.44:38 - the courage to speak up.49:32 - practice is key.52:30 - busy lazy.54:52 - picture for what rhythm looks like.  57:36 - busy as a badge of honour.01:00:06 - connecting meaning to our work.01:02:20 - getting in touch with Paul.More detailed show notes with links to references can be found at: https://candourpodcast.com/paul-farina/
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