66 minutes | May 23, 2021

Gabrielle Dolan on the power of story (and why it will change your mind about Barbie) (#21)

2:20 - be aware of how your actions impact your brand.4:02 - what is brand storytelling?5:21 - do people perceive us in the way we want to come across?10:46 - stories give depth and meaning to what you stand for.13:04 - we remember stories better than facts.17:22 - why emotion is important in business.20:52 - stories motivate people more than KPI's.23:28 - it's easier to change someone's mind through stories than facts.29:25 - why are we reluctant to share stories when they are so powerful?31:43 - telling stories require courage.33:40 - being too vulnerable with the stories you tell.36:55 - Gabrielle's story of starting a business to teach companies how to communicate through stories.45:44 - how to tell stories in business to make a point.50:03 - but I don't have any stories to tell.57:25 - jargon free Fridays.01:00:40 - why do we use jargon?01:04:04 - how to get in touch with Gabrielle.You can find more detailed show notes with links to references at: https://candourpodcast.com/gabrielle-dolan/
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