82 minutes | Sep 26, 2021

Dr Ashok Bhattacharya on empathy, narcissism and self-esteem (#30)

2:52 - is it normal to smile when you see a video of someone smiling?4:14 - mirror neurons (see video clip).7:57 - how to be the baby whisperer.9:03 - the hardware and software of empathy.12:51 - empathy is not standing in someone else's shoes.17:45 - empathy is a capacity.20:17 - empathy is a tool. It's not good or bad.23:08 - empathy is not getting in the hole with the person.26:56 - how empathy impacts relationships.31:47 - what if we're not in an empathetic state of mind?33:13 - the hardest thing to do is to listen (see video clip).36:31 - helping people solve their own problems.38:25 - listening requires patience.38:55 - helping someone learn a lesson for themselves is much more powerful than simply teaching.42:29 - human beings are designed to be insecure.45:55 - confidence and self-esteem.47:06 - narcissism.49:41 - can a narcissist be helped?52:18 - being in a relationship with a narcissist (see video clip).58:25 - directional empathy.01:02:49 - how can couples navigate life changes together.01:06:18 - Trusting your partner to have your back.01:10:3 - how to find the right partner.01:11:18 - the Van Gogh problem.01:12:37 - confidence and self-esteem.01:16:38 - how to build confidence when you are failing.01:19:34 - connect with Ashok. You can find more detailed show notes with links to references at: https://candourpodcast.com/dr-ashok-bhattacharya/
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