57 minutes | Aug 15, 2021

Dr Ashley Fico on high stakes conversations in healthcare (#27)

1:50 - drawn to interpersonal communication because it was so broad.3:01 - communication applied to organ donation conversations.4:55 - communication needs to be audience-centred.6:22 - your audience can have very diverse beliefs and opinions.7:47 - you are not your audience.11:24 - how shows like Greys Anatomy shapes perception about organ donation.15:27 - reading your audience without making assumptions.20:39 - best way to approach sensitive conversation.22:03 - perception checking. Did they understand what you said?23:50 - sharing embarrassing stories to make you more approachable.26:08 - more ways to do perception checking.28:26 - different ways to get our point across.30:28 - value judgements vs observation.32:52 - importance of emotional intelligence in these conversations.34:49 - how stories impact organ donations.37:54 - health communication during COVID.40:05 - humility vs confidence in communication.42:48 - What is InnoQuest?43:50 - Sunday Funday experiences.49:33 - InnoQuest's impact on how cities are perceived.51:32 - getting below the surface of the place you are visiting.53:02 - importance of trying new things.56:04 - getting in touch with Ashley.You can find more detailed show notes with links to references at: https://candourpodcast.com/dr-ashley-fico/
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