35 minutes | May 7th 2020

Chris Johnstone Interview with Angela Calla

Friday, May 8th 2020


Learn about getting your mortgage or refinance from one of the top Mortgage Professionals in Canada! Angela Calla from Dominion Lending Centres shares a wealth of knowledge during this episode of the Canadian Mortgage Podcast. During our conversation, we cover information that is crucial for Canadians to know about financing right now.

  • We cover the top questions that Angela is getting about mortgages right now and the questions that Canadians should be asking.
  • How a mortgage and refinance fits into the overall financial plan of a household and the other important factors that you need to consider when choosing your financing.
  • How a refinance or a mortgage renewal can be a tool to lower your monthly payments and provide you with more cash flow.
  • Who should you have on your personal finance team when making a decision about a home purchase or refinance.
  • We also have a conversation about what to consider if you are getting divorced and the important factors to consider during the process.
  • There is excellent information for business owners on how to navigate during these uncertain times.
  • The difference between going to a bank branch for your mortgage and working with a mortgage professional.
  • We also discuss the current real estate market, and what consumers can expect during the months and years ahead.

This episode is packed with immediately useful advice and tips for anyone considering making changes to their finances right now. Please make sure to leave us a 5-star review and subscribe for more excellent information on Canadian finance. Angela Calla is a 15-year award-winning woman of influence and mortgage expert. She is regularly featured on Global News and was chosen as the expert to host “The Mortgage Show” on CKNW. Her best selling book “The Mortgage Code” is an exceptional tool for organizing your personal finances and structuring your mortgage. If you have any questions or would like to find out what your mortgage scenario looks like reach out to Angela and her team at callateam@dominionlending.ca or 604-802-3983. You can visit her website at angelacalla.ca. Facebook | Google+ | YouTube | Twitter 

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