34 minutes | Nov 13, 2018

Season 3 Episode 3: The Clear Cassettes Podcast

Ghosts. Demons. Other spooky stuff. SPR host Erin Dalton set out to make a podcast about Dr. Bland, a paranormal researcher that doesn’t believe in ghosts, but then she discovers his unsolved cases, all on clear cassettes. | Written by Alec Valadez | Starring Julia Mercer, Jacob Barbot, Kristin Phillips, Ryan Sitzberger, and Alec Valadez | Music: Mr. Mole and Son by Blue Dot Sessions, Drone Rider by Inner Struggle, Gears Spinning by Podington Bear, Nocturne OP 27 by Podington Bear, Anthem by Evan Schaeffer, AND an original parody of the Black Tapes theme song, Kingdom of the Universe by Ashley Park, written and performed by Julia Mercer | If you love our podcast or you just love us, you should head on over to Patreon and search “Smadam Productions” to support our art today!
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