38 minutes | Oct 29th 2018

Season 3 Episode 1: Just Gone

In April of last year, an Omagoshokee High School student went missing. The only clue? Her ex-boyfriend saying her body was in a marsh. Join P. Tony and The Crack Family as they try to crack this case wide open in this true crime podcast. | Starring Julia Mercer, Allie Ring, Josh Leeper, Grant Gigot, Steph Callaghan, and Alec Valadez | Music in this episode: House of Grendel by Blue Dot Sessions, Going Undercover by Bortex, Fog In The Street by Borrtex, TIme Passing I by David Hilowitz, Melatonin V by Filmy Ghost, Puls of Unmbitious Children by Mid-Air Machine, Pose by Nctrnm, and Anthem by Evan Schaeffer | Happy we’re on our 3rd season? Want 3 more? Support the podcast by typing “Smadam Productions” in the search bar on Patreon.com and become a patron today!
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