44 minutes | Apr 16, 2018

Season 2 Episode 7: Tony P's Detentioncast

Tony P is back, baby! Last year he threw a sick rager, but this year, Tony P has found himself in detention with his best friend Steve and a few other familiar characters. And it's hardcore AF! | Starring Allie Ring, Josh Leeper, Steph Callaghan, Grant Gigot, Julia Mercer, and Alec Valadez | Music was Out of School by Jahzzar, and as always Anthem by Evan Schaeffer | Super sick original artwork by Elliot Stromberg, who has even more amazing artwork on her website at ashleyelliotstromberg.com | Love our podcast? Support us now on Patreon.com to get bonus episodes and help us make this pod even bigger and better!
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