37 minutes | Apr 2, 2018

Season 2 Episode 5: Hey Hey From The Enchanted Pub

From the land of Xenadia, it's Hey Hey From The Enchanted Pub once again! This time, it's been a year after the last Shadow Sorceress scare that Amy, Bundt, and Ugg had to endure. What's changed since then? | Starring Rebekah Trombley as Amy, Steph Callaghan as Bundt, Julia Mercer as Ugg the Periwinkle, Kristen Hallen as Classandra, and Alec Valadez as, well, um, Alec | The original theme song of this episode was by Julia Mercer, and the song in the credits was Anthem by Evan Schaeffer | Do you like the podcast? Want to help us make a spin-off podcast or buy new equipment? Then search "Smadam Productions" on Patreon.com and support us today!
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