42 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

Training Staff to Transition from Frontline to Leadership Team - Camp Code #67

How to help your future leaders see their future at camp!

Are you like Gab? Does your camp have that special “little black book?”.

You know, the one where you keep all the names of the campers and young staff that you just know will be great leadership team members someday?

As directors, we are always looking out for the future. We do this because the earlier you can identify who may eventually take on the senior roles at camp, the earlier that you can start to help them realize their potential and hone their skills.

How you do that is a whole other story - and it depends on the specific person. If they are a keener who recognizes their skill and may be a little over-ambitious or cocky, how can we help them understand the realities of the job they want and give them the patience they are lacking? Conversely, what happens if that person doesn’t realize their potential? What resources and experiences should you give them to not force them, but guide them to the idea that they have a prosperous camp career ahead of them?

It’s hard - but it’s also a good thing Gab, Beth and Ruby aren’t shy about tackling hard issues!

Tune in to this episode to give you over 40 minutes of great ideas that you can implement both now and this summer to plant the seeds of potential for your future leadership staff.

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Leadership Training Best Practice

From Jacqui Raill (via Gabrielle Raill)

Raincoat treats - reminds staff that your rainy day programs need to be as good if not better than your sunny day programs. Put a reminder in the camp staff's raincoat pocket so they have a reminder later in the summer to keep the rainy program full of treats!

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