54 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Training Staff to Disagree and Discuss with Care - Camp Code #77

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To disagree is not to destroy, it’s to dream about new possibilities. Here’s how to teach your staff that.

In this episode our hosts are here to help listeners to understand that conflict can be good, it can create new ideas, decisions or avenues for new exploration. As Beth says, the goal of conflict resolution is to have all parties involved mutually agree and to do that, she reminds listeners of the 4 S’s:

  • Is it SAFE?
  • Does it SERVE the community?
  • Does it promote SELF-ESTEEM?
  • Is it good STEWARDSHIP

The S for stewardship really encompasses the individual’s being entrusted with any given scenario, so it’s important to remember that although you may have conflict with your peer at camp, you both are working towards the common goal of making camp a better place to be. 

Ruby reminds us that at times as a camp Director, you will have disagreements with your staff. Furthermore, sometimes since you are the camp Director, it ultimately is your decision regardless of any influence your team may have on you. If you stick to your original idea, you will have frustrated staff. It is important to create avenues for your staff and peers to have conversations about how that decision made them feel. Emotions are part of any conflict or decision-making process, so we need to listen to our staff and most importantly, we need to admit when we are wrong.

Speaking of emotions, Gabrielle reminds us that conflict builds in our minds. The longer we put off dealing with conflict, the worse it becomes. Gabz reminds us of another acronym she uses, ACT.

  • Awareness 
  • Communicate
  • Together Problem Solve


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Leadership Training Best Practice

From Beth Allison

Two more quick exercises for staff training focusing on how to disagree, with care. First is a game of Wind in the Willows.

Have camp staff to stand in a circle and ask six questions. if the question implies to the individual, they step into the circle. 

The six statements / questions are related to the following (taken from Inc.com - 6 Smart Ways to Disagree With Someone Respectfully)

  1. Focus on facts
  2. Don’t get personal 
  3. Recognize the good
  4. Remember to listen
  5. Use I statements
  6. Know when to move on

Find images that look like two different things depending how you look at it and ask your staff to tell you what it is. Then have individuals to partner with someone who saw something different and have them talk about their points.


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