46 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

The Acronym Episode - Camp Code #81

Find full show notes and links at: https://camphacker.tv/camp-code/the-acronym-episodeWe L.O.V.E Acronyms! Here are Beth’s, Ruby’s & Gabz’s favourites!We L.O.V.E them - Nope, that’s not an acronym, simply our way to show how much we enjoy them. We engrave acronyms into the lexicon of camp to ensure that the important things that you want your staff to memorize, are memorable. For Beth, with over 25 years of camp acronym experience, this was one of the hardest episodes for her to record as each host share their three favourite acronyms, and dive into why they are important to them. Go Camp Pro is here to support you with everything Covid-19 and there is no stopping in sight. The volunteer editorial board at Go Camp Pro scans editorials across the Covid-19+Camp Slack, the Summer Camp Professionals Facebook group and other sources to take the best stories, and put them in an easy-to-read newsletter that we call “The Brief”. You can sign up for The Brief by clicking hereBelow is a list of the acronyms shared throughout the episode, so that you can make notes of your favourites and incorporate them in your staff training. -Find our favourite acronyms and bonus resources here:https://camphacker.tv/camp-code/the-acronym-episode-Leadership Training Best PracticeFrom Gabrielle RaillWhen returning staff members return to camp, they each bring emotional tags with them, holding onto memories from the year before. The role of your staff is to create the best week of camp for their campers; but to do that, you have to help your staff let go of last year. Take the time to validate their experiences, dissect the good and then engage in conversation with staff to identify on how to build from previous experiences to incorporate the things that worked well, to create an unforgettable summer for campers. When you're done planning, celebrate the past and bring in the new camp year with your staff. -Your Hosts:Gabrielle Raill, Camp Director - Camp OuareauBeth Allison, Camp Consultant - CampHacker.tvRuby Compton, Chief Exploration Officer - Ruby Outdoors----5-Minute Fridays! To find out more and register, head over to http://gocamp.pro/5mf
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