40 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Professional Development in 2020 - Camp Code #74

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In an off-season like no other, there is still room (and a need) to grow your skills! Get growing with this episode of Camp Code

In part three of our four-part series focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic, we dive into the importance of professional development. Regardless if your camp was able to run this past summer with restriction, or maybe not at all Ruby, Beth and Gabrielle are here to help. We get it, 2020 has added an additional layer of the financial pressure that may limit your professional development, but our Camp Code gurus dive into some ideas to enable your professional development. 

The most important part of professional development is to know what you want to learn. The first step is to make a list of all of the things you want to learn. 2020 has brought on us an overwhelming amount of online content as organizations adapted to virtual work. Conferences and courses are two things that have gone primarily online and we’ve outlined a few resources to make it easier for you. 

Online Conferences - There are a ton of these around, some to note are as follows: 

As for free online resources, there are podcasts, videos, free university courses, but to get you started...here are a few of our favourties:

The resources listed above are just a sneak peek into some of the ideas that Beth, Ruby and Gabz are happy to share. To hear the rest, have a listen! 


Leadership Training Best Practice

From Beth Allison

Interview people and not to hire staff. If you know people that you think you can learn from, make that list! Next, send out some invitations to those people asking them for 30 minutes or less of their time and specify what it is you want to discuss. After you meet with them, it is a great idea so write them handwritten thank you cards and send it to them in the mail. 


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