58 minutes | Apr 7th 2020

Discussing #MeToo at Camp - Camp Code #68

Giving staff the tools to be able to have one of the most important conversations of their lives & directors the tools to make their culture even safer.

This week, our hosts Gabrielle, Beth and Ruby explore the impact that the #MeToo movement has on summer camps. 

As summer camp leaders, empowerment begins with you. Educating people and Sexual harassment policies are not enough. Camps need to outline the policies and create a dialogue to ensure staff are empowered to act when they recognize something inappropriate. We need to realize that not everyone is going to be comfortable enough to speak up, we must find other ways for staff to feel empowered to share or point out uncomfortable situations.

Training empowerment is not easy and neither is the conversation around sexual harassment. This episode was designed to help you cultivate your approach and build your community on trust and respect. Have a listen as Gabrielle, Beth and Ruby dissect the frameworks around these conversations. 

A small shift in the way you approach the subject will make a big difference. 


Leadership Training Best Practice

From Ruby Compton

This one is simple; Choose to communicate rather than to assume. We all know what assumptions do! When you feel something is unsettling or something you have questions about, it may lead to an assumption. Instead of assuming, lean in and ask a question to understand more. This will help us handle conflicts in a more constructive way.


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