56 minutes | Jan 14th 2020

Conflict Between Staff - Camp Code #62

Because conflict is going to happen, people!

The Camp Code crew is back for their very first episode of 2020!

To ring in the new year, this episode is filled with great tips and tricks, helping to give staff the tools to deal with conflict. Gab dives into an array of acronyms such as the A.C.T Program - Awareness, Communication and Together, and V.I.P - Validate feelings, Investigating and Problem-solving. She also goes in-depth talking about The power of mirroring and how to use mirroring to build connections with people.

Ruby talks about the importance of dealing with conflict in person. Too often, conflict involves emotions, and emotions cannot be shared over text, so having face to face discussions are the keys to success. As Camp Directors, it is important to equip your staff to some conflict management work for you. Your staff need the practice, and you cannot do it all!

Beth provides listeners with a ton of insight and explains that EVERYONE must take proactive steps to handle conflict. Personality tests are something that we should all take at various stages of life, camp leadership is one of those times and here is one Camp Codes favourites: True colors personality test. We are all going to be faced with it at some point, so Beth explains some key improvisational negotiation tactics:

Let people tell their story

Bring a reality check to the table

Identify the true impediment.

Leadership Training Best Practice

From Ruby:

When dealing with conflicts, Show awkward moments video to kick things off. These people all lived through these awkward moments, so you can get through your conflict conversations!

Your Hosts:

Gabrielle Raill, Camp Director - Camp Ouareau

Beth Allison, Camp Consultant - CampHacker.tv

Ruby Compton, Chief Exploration Officer - Ruby Outdoors

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