35 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

11 Quick Fire Videos for Camp Training - Camp Code #87

Find full show notes and links at: https://camphacker.tv/camp-code/11-quick-fire-videos-2021Use these videos to dial your staff training up to 11!For some people, they have a favourite pair of comfortable slippers, perhaps a warm sweater or favourite comfort food. For our hosts, their idea of comfort is scouring the internet to help build new ways to develop camp leaders. In this week’s episode, we go back to a fan favourite feature where our hosts discuss quick-fire videos to help facilitate staff training.Ruby’s Favourites:First Thing and Last ThingHow to go From Small Talk to Deep CoversationAuthor: Chad LittlefieldHow to Have a Good ConversationAuthor: Celeste HeadleeBONUS (a fun one)Ducks Annihilate a bowl of peas-Beth’s Favourites:Grit:  The Power of Passion & PerseveranceAuthor: Angela Lee DuckworthFor the Love of Fangirls Author: Yve Blake-Gabrielle’s Favourites: How to Avoid Death by PowerpointAuthor: David JP PhillipsThanks to Camp - Léa's StoryAuthor: International Camping FellowshipThanks to Camp - Kadi’s StoryAuthor: International Camping FellowshipThe links above are the highlights of another great episode. To learn more from our hosts, have a listen today!We hope you love this episode of Camp Code! If you do, please consider subscribing to the show, and leaving us a rating in your Podcast app. It’s SO easy, just head to https://ratethispodcast.com/campcode-Best Practice for Leadership TrainingFrom Gabrielle RaillSoloing a canoe and training from the dock - This is going to be a different summer, meaning your camp staff will need to lead differently. As leaders, we need to pay attention to how we are right now. Are we reacting to things differently, both positive and negative? Take the time and understand that this summer, you’re going to be leading from a distance. So, take the time to reflect on your own expectations and be kind to yourself. This summer is different for everyone, not just you.-Your Hosts:Beth Allison, Camp Consultant - Go Camp ProRuby Compton, Chief Exploration Officer - Ruby OutdoorsGabrielle Raill, Camp Director - Camp Ouareau----5-Minute Fridays! To find out more and register, head over to http://gocamp.pro/5mf
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