24 minutes | Dec 1, 2019

Jessica is an Artist

Ever since she was a little kid Jessica wanted to be an artist. In the past year, she has been trying to turn her art into a business so that she can afford to make more things she enjoys doing. This holiday season you can help support her journey by purchasing something from her store.   -- https://shop.jessicabramlett.com -- https://instagram.com/jessica.bramlett  -- Also, Calvin's sister Samantha makes some awesome crochet clothing. You can help support her small business as well.  -- https://sunnyrelief.com -- https://instagram.com/sunnyrelief -- Help support our podcast by getting a sticker from: http://www.calvinandjessica.com -- Looking for some cool new art? http://shop.jessicabramlett.com -- -- (Youtube) https://bit.ly/calvinandjessica -- (Apple Podcasts) https://apple.co/2lGcOjK -- (Spotify) https://spoti.fi/2kcnwy3 -- (Google Podcasts) http://bit.ly/2m8rus3 -- Twinkly - https://twinkly.com
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