83 minutes | Nov 10, 2019

CONFESSING OUR SECRETS - Q&A + Wisdom Teeth Reaction

Help support our podcast by getting a sticker from: http://www.calvinandjessica.com Looking for some cool new art? http://shop.jessicabramlett.com - (Youtube) https://bit.ly/calvinandjessica - (Apple Podcasts) https://apple.co/2lGcOjK - (Spotify) https://spoti.fi/2kcnwy3 - (Google Podcasts) http://bit.ly/2m8rus3 Questions & Timecodes: 0:53 - What was your scariest encounter while traveling/living a nomadic lifestyle? 4:14 - What was it like living in such a small space with no room for personal space in the RV? 7:04 - What was it like transitioning from the Midwest to the west coast? 10:50 - Would you rather live in California for the rest of your life and never be able to travel OR live in Arkansas but you can travel as much as you want? 11:55 - When did you guys know it was more than just a college fling? 14:04 - What is your favorite memory with each other? (and worst) 19:12 - Who's the big spoon and who is the little? 20:19 - How did your bisexuality play into your current relationship? Did you talk about it before? Did you expect to marry a (wonderful) man? How did Calvin feel? Do you still see yourself as queer or just an ally? If yes how Do you still rep LGBTQ?? Does this all even matter? 23:40 - Who's the better cook? Do you have any cooking horror stories besides the great grease fire at SAU Tech? 26:44 - Who takes out the trash more often? 28:08 - How do you feel about the other's career path? 31:05 - How is life as Two creatives? Do you help each other work? 32:51 - How Are you inspired by each other's creative work? (If you are) And Any Specific projects You’re inspired by the other? 36:07 - What hopes and dreams do you have for the next year? 40:01 - Do either of you have any midnight rituals, (like eating a snack at 3 am?) 43:59 - What do you think the other person's greatest fear is? 51:39 - How does Calvin see mental health and what are his tips for us? 55:20 - Do you use the bathroom with the door open or closed? For #1 and #2? 56:49 - What made you both decide to live a sober lifestyle? How does it affect your friendships with people who don't live the same life? 1:03:56 - What's your favorite TV show right now?
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