37 minutes | Sep 6, 2020

Witnessing violence as a child

Welcome to Calm After The Storm, this is your host Amy Syed. I am Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP, 15minuteaday.ca and an activist. I am a survivor of domestic violence, terminal cancer and Grief. Thanks for joining us on this journey through other’s declarations. In this episode of Calm After The Storm: Survivorship and Other Stories with Amy Syed, we speak with Melissa Punambolam, Life Designer at Life Designer Consulting.Tune in as we tackle topics like:1:14 - Being a life designer 2:48 - Melissa's childhood5:37 - Being her mom’s protector 9:33 - What she learned in counselling12:00 - Her teenage years15:05 - Reflecting on her mom's decisions and choices16:38 - Life in her 20's20:21 - Differentiating between healthy and unhealthy anger23:18 - How she copes with unhealthy anger27:01 - Feeling and healing shame29:44 - Her current relationship with her parents34:23 - Melissa's dedicationSupport the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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