41 minutes | Jan 22, 2021

Success and Overcoming Self Sabotage

During her childhood, Karlyn Percil experienced bullying and sexual abuse. Without understanding how to deal with her trauma, Karlyn unconsciously carried it throughout her life, which formed into self-sabotaging narratives that ultimately affected her relationships with other people and herself. Eventually recognizing that she needed to make a change, Karlyn worked towards accepting and loving herself. She developed programs and stayed disciplined until she was able to regain her own power and tap into her full potential. Today, Karlyn Percil is a successful entrepreneur who focuses on sharing the lessons from her journey with women around the world. 1.33 - Karlyn’s childhood4.10 - Karlyn’s child sexual abuse5.39 - What self bullying looks like8.10 -  The institutionalization of our lives and breaking free14.45 - How to create a conscious contract with yourself17.20 - Amy’s reflection 18.10 - Reflecting on your SIMUs23.07 - How Karlyn reclaimed her power29.16 - Karlyn’s businesses evolve32.09 - How to help others understand the impact of stepping into your healing35.25 - How to discover your purpose36.30 - Remember to be audaciousSupport the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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