41 minutes | Nov 19, 2020

Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation

Two years ago, Brenda was pregnant with twins. A few months prior to her due date, Brenda was hospitalized for 30+ days before being thrust into an emergency C-section. Due to the hospital’s capacity, her twins were transferred to another NICU - away from Brenda for the first few days of their lives. When Brenda met her twins for the first time, they were wearing masks and hooked up to IVs. After Brenda was able to take them home with her and her husband two months later, everything seemed out of place. Nothing was the way that Brenda thought it would be and soon after, she began to realize that something was seriously wrong. About a year later, Brenda was diagnosed with PTSD from her traumatic birth experience, and slowly she began to accept her experience and heal. 1.22 - Brenda’s Childhood3.43 - Life after University and getting pregnant with twins5.07 - The pregnancy7.20 - Pregnancy complications10.05 - Unexpected early birth12.08 - Post-birth in the NICU16.45 - Brenda realizes there’s something off19.40 - Brenda becomes a doula21.56 - Brenda’s diagnosis of PTSD22.32 - Amy’s reflection on Brenda’s story24.08 - Brenda’s treatment 27.46 - Brenda’s attachment to the idea of perfection31.50 - Amy’s concluding thoughts33.14 - How Brenda is doing today37.05 - Brenda’s dedication39.11 - Amy’s key takeawaysSupport the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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