36 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

Learning To Love Yourself

Fortunate to have several parents due to divorce, Jodi Kovitz came from a large family that shaped her view on making lemonade out of hard situations. As Jodi grew up, she adopted the mindset of always trying to find the positive out of pain. After having her daughter Lilly, Jodi and her husband divorced. A family lawyer at the time, Jodi hit a breaking point where she recognized that the life she was living was not the right path for her. This sparked a metamorphosis, where Jodi recognized the negative behaviours she was manifesting and began to see that their impacts were bigger than herself. After realizing the behaviours were happening, Jodi focused on her self development to heal the wounds that would change her life and create a bigger impact. Today, Jodi Kovitz is the Founder and CEO of #MoveTheDial, the host of the Joyful Sundays podcast, and a certified meditation instructor. 1.32 - Jodi’s childhood, first experience with her parents  2.57 - How Jodi’s parents' divorce impacted her  6.24 - Jodi’s advice for anyone going through divorce. 7.55 - Jodi’s co-parenting relationship with her daughter’s stepmom  9.30 - Why Jodi became a family lawyer  12.00 - Jodi asks for a business development budget to build a collaborative family law practice  12.50 - Jodi realizes that the life she was living was not the right path for her  15.34 - Jodi’s life changing experience in Arizona  19.12 - How to hold space for people with severe mental health issue  19.43 - Amy’s first reflection on self love and physical manifestation of disease  21.19 - The start of #MoveTheDial  23.40 - Pausing operations of #MoveTheDial due to COVID-19  24.22 - Jodi’s meditation process  27.49 - Jodi’s grieving process for #MoveThe Dial  29.26 - Joyful Sundays  33.43 - Jodi’s dedication for the episode  34.32 - Amy’s final reflection  Support the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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